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January 24, 2023 Azzanea Ahmad

7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness by 90% with Social Media Marketing

When TikTok blew up during the height of the pandemic, we saw a new side to social media altogether. 

The power of a social media platform that brought various brands (yes, influencers are also brands) to light in a matter of months turned the social media marketing playing field to a whole new level.

Let’s find out how it’s not too late to increase your brand awareness with social media marketing:


Unique Content Strategy

Each social media platform caters to different sets of demographics that digest messages differently.

It is highly encouraged that brands take the idea of crafting their content according to the forte of their platforms.

When you want to post on Instagram, you need to understand what kind of posts work for your audiences who are on Instagram. You might consider the Instagram audience loves the aesthetics and wonderful visuals.

When you want to post on TikTok, the same goes for Instagram. You need to understand what kind of posts work for the demographics on TikTok. Sketches and well-crafted videos can attract viewers better than a collage of images.

Even though the key messaging is the same, brands must cater to each platform individually. It may be a hassle, but the little things can go a long way for a long time.


Engaging Social Media Presence

If you want people to remember you, you need to be present in their lives. It is like a human relationship. You cannot expect the person to develop trust, compassion and support for you if you never show up on one occasion.

Keep your audiences engaged. Retweet their questions with answers. Share their Instagram stories about the values you carry as a company. Comment on their posts when they mention or tag you.

You don’t have to stop your engagement by just posting. This has to be a two-way communication for your brand to be noticed and remembered in the public minds.


Give Values

All brands need to audit their content themes every few months and take a bird’s eye view of them. 

If you see your channel is 90% sales and promotions, you might need to balance it out with helpful guides, social commentary, solidarity with the things happening worldwide, inspirational content and more.

You create retention with values. This way, your audience will come back because of the message and not just simply when a big sale is coming.

You don’t want an audience that comes because of the word “Promotion!” or “Discount 99%” only.

You want them to genuinely be interested in you. From there, you have a strong and long-lasting customer lifecycle.


Leverage Social Media Perks

Social media features are your friend.

Social media has wonderful features that could get your brand in the limelight, directly or indirectly.

Take the power of hashtags. Using the right hashtags can get any posts into Trending fast. To utilise this feature, you must conduct multiple keyword research on each platform to get the best fit for your posts.

Regardless of the social media platforms, you should use the hashtag features. This is when keyword analysis for social media will come in handy.

You should also use the features to tag, mention and location. Tagging and mentioning other people (existing customers/audiences or potential customers/audiences) or other brands can help build your network. 

From the customer’s point of view, just the gesture of you mentioning or tagging them in a post can make them feel acknowledged and supported.

Meanwhile, from a brand’s point of view, you might open new doors to future partnerships when you tag or mention them in your posts.


Eye-catching Posts

“Eye-catching” does not necessarily mean you have to publish posts featuring tons of famous people or expensive props.

Photo by Zachary Olson on Unsplash

Eye-catching embodies the creativity you put to convey your messages. How do you arrange the messages in your visuals, what fonts to use, what colour gradients to use and what type of postings fit well with your campaigns?

Design and creative thinking are the keys to generating eye-catching posts. When your posts grab the attention of your existing audiences, the cycle of word-of-mouth will begin through sharing with their associates.


Love Data and Analytics

Social media tools such as Social Baker, Social Sprout and Hootsuite give you an upper hand to get valuable data that you can use for your awareness campaign. 

From these tools, you can identify your audience’s behaviour, which posts work better than the others, what is trending in the social media sphere and more.

The data is your arsenal and will help you a lot when it comes to putting your brands out there. It may look overwhelming, but breaking it apart by interests or traits can help give you the insights you need.

Not only that, but those analytics tools also come with automated postings that you can arrange ahead of time. It gives you a comprehensive social media calendar for you to get a visual look at your social media plans throughout the year.


Consistency Over Quantity

A strong social media presence is consistency over quantity.

If you are trying to build your social media ten years ago, frequent postings may work well, but as technology progresses and human behaviour changes, frequent postings can make you look clingy, in other words.

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

Building strategic consistency with the help of your social media data analysis can make your presence long-lasting in the minds of your followers.

When you focus on consistency, you will have more time to nurture its quality. If you are focusing on quantity, you might feel pressured to churn out X amount in a short period. When you feel pressured, certain care to the postings can be neglected, and you don’t want that if you are starting out to grow your brand.

Social media marketing is an essential element to include in your brand awareness strategy. With the rise of new social media features every year, it gives you more room to experiment with.

Let us know what your top social media marketing strategies you like from the list or if there are other strategies you find work for your brand. Share with us in the comments!


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